An interesting thing happened to me today…

12 Jul

I was sitting in the public library, editing a few of my stories to get them ready for posting when I heard footsteps behind me.

Sitting at the desk, scribbling on my large print, double spaced words, I thought nothing of it, that is, until the breathing started…

Yup, right behind me I heard the sound of heavy male breathing, so heavy in fact that I could feel it on the back of my neck. I froze, as you do, and began to panic. Surely he couldn’t be doing what I thought he was doing right?

The library was full of the usual midday suspects, tramps, students and drunks. I began to get more and more scared, but at the same time I couldn’t bring myself to turn around and confirm visually what I was hearing. Instead I pretended I hadn’t noticed and carried on writing.

You’ve probably guessed by now what I was thinking, and yes, I was wrong. A few minutes later, the heavy breather walked past me to the next set of shelves clutching a book, an elderly, overweight, asthmatic man. Clutching a cane and clearly without his false teeth, his lips making a rhythmic sucking kind of noise against his gums, he innocently picked up another book and, resting on his cane, started panting again from the effort of his short walk.

But it got me thinking. What if it hadn’t been so innocent? There’s a story in there methinks 😉


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