Dear Diary

20 Jul

So far this week I have written almost 20,000 words on 3 new stories, edited three stories by hand to get them ready for sending off to Amazon (because I’m a perfectionist and I always miss spelling mistakes when reading on a computer screen), written four poems that I’m not entirely happy with (see ‘perfectionist’ above) and finally submitted one story to Literotica.

And now begins the frustrating part, waiting, because Literotica, unlike storiesonline or Amazon, don’t allow your story to be approved immediately, instead it can take anything up to four days in my experience.

I understand, of course that the sites are set up a little differently. Literotica having just one or two people who read every single submission before approving them, whilst the others have assistance in the form of ‘bots’ and numerous humans to make sure everything gets out as quickly as possible, but still, I’m impatient.

At the same time there’s nothing more satisfying than logging on in the morning and seeing your story has finally been accepted, but as of 6:00 this morning mine is still pending.

So this morning I will mostly be writing, before heading into the office for a very important meeting with the boss. We will drink coffee, argue about whether we’ve done enough work, discuss important things like family and his recent holiday and ultimately acheive nothing, after which I will come home and write some more.

At the moment I have four stories on the go:

Sandy’s Seduction – which is my attempt to replicate the Mills&Boon Blaze type story,

Jemma’s Dilemma – something I started because I was tired and stressed and began to wonder what I would be willing to do in order to have all that worry taken away,

Story 3 – a story about a FemDomme training a new slave which I’m writing at the request of a reader. This one is causing me real trouble because I struggle to write men into humiliation type scenes without losing respect for them, and a man, even a slave, that I can’t respect is just not sexy for me.

Story 4 – now this one is my baby and I want it to be absolutely perfect. A geeky kid decides to invent an invisibility potion and falls in love with the girl next door. Teenage love is always the most fun to write, innocence combined with doubt and all those hormones flying around, with none of the cynicism and baggage that you get as you grow older.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this week, writing, waiting, writing some more, waiting some more, I hope you think the end product is worth it.

Lexi x


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