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26 Jul

People ask me where I get my ideas from and sometimes I struggle to answer.

Yes, there is one person who inspires a great deal of my fantasies, but given the nature of our relationship these are usually scenes rather than stories. You’ll see these on literotica in my Fantasies series or the short one part stories. He also features heavily in my poetry submissions, but before you start to worry, remember I had a life before him and often I use poetry as therapy. If you see something that doesn’t fit with your idea of my ‘muse’ chances are it’s about my past and not him.

As for the longer stories, the ones that come in multiple installments, these are my attempts to write myself a happy ending. I know in real life things aren’t easy and so sometimes I take a situation from my own life, or one that’s been suggested to me, and I write a romance around it, my version of ‘happy ever after’.

Sometimes this gets frustrating for you, the reader, as I flit from story to story, adding chapters as and when a particular character speaks to me.

I could do this in a more traditional style, publishing the whole story as one once I’m finished, and in fact, there’s one story I don’t want to publish until I’m entirely finished, but I know that it’s frustrating waiting for new chapters or stories. If I never submitted a story until it was finished then you’d hear nothing from me for 10 months of the year.

I prefer to think of my stories as serials, updated monthly if not weekly. As a huge Stephen King fan, I still remember the thrill of going to the bookstore each month to pick up the next episode of The Green Mile. For me, waiting a month and getting the next installment was much better than waiting a year for a book I would finish between Christmas and New Years Day.

Incidentally, out of all of Stephen Kings books, I think Green Mile was the one that translated best to film. Stories like The Shining or Carrie just didn’t have that suspense built at the end of each Chapter I’d love to see a modern day remake of Carrie, in the same way I’d love to see a modern day realisation of the Exorcist but I still doubt that the new fangled special effects would capture the mood that the books did.

On a side note, I found the Saw series the most scary of films I’ve seen. They had me literally glued to my couch, too terrified to move in case someone caught me and imprisoned me with a band of idiots. I guess the reason why is because they were so realistic. It’s rare for me to watch an entire film, let alone five and so they must have something going for them. I still wish I knew what happened at the end of the Blair Witch Project though…


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