Today is a landmark day!

28 Jul

Today I published my first collection of erotic short stories on smashwords Bound by Lust

I was ever so excited about this, right up until the point where it went ‘live’. Now I’m terrified. What if no one buys it? Even worse, what if they do and they hate it? What if my friends see it and hate it but are too nice to tell me (less likely that one, most of my friends find the idea of me writing filth a little ‘sinister’).

So what I’m hoping is that you guys will be honest with me. Take a minute to look at the free sample, if you like it, download the whole book, but most of all please give me feedback. It doesn’t have to be nice, but honest would be good, because if I don’t know where I’m going wrong (or right) then how will I ever improve?


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