Morning all

5 Aug

Hi there *waves* how are you all doing on this lovely sunny/rainy/windy/thundery Sunday morning?

Why yes, thanks for asking, I’m good, writing as usual…

Sunday seems to have become my default writing day. It’s generally the one day I have no distractions (yes you, you know who you are), and so I can spend the day sat, cross legged on my bed, laptop resting on the pillow and just type.

This week I’ve been super productive, I have two new stories already approved on Literotica , one that I posted in full on this blog – November Rain – and another that was inspired by a walk in a place called Hilsea Lines. If you can ever get down to Hampshire, Uk then I recommend a look, especially the bit behind the ‘No Entry’ signs, that was where the idea for this story came from.

Stories that have been submitted but not yet approved are:
Jemma’s Dilemma Ch.07 – I know quite a few of you have been waiting for this and there’s a bit of a twist, you probably saw it coming but I won’t spoil it for those who didn’t. This chapter is still story building, the real training begins in chapter 8 and that’s when things may get interesting as Jemma gets dragged further and further into the debt collectors strange world.

The importance of education Ch 01 – this is the reader request story I was telling you about. Brad fails to get into any of the colleges he applied to and so his dad makes arrangements for the boy to attend his old college and stay with his friend Miss Lily, to keep him out of trouble. But Miss Lily should probably properly be referred to as Mistress Lily, as Brad finds out when he tries to break the rules.

There is also a third story that I haven’t submitted yet, I wrote it at the request of NFR, that secret man who inspires a lot of my naughtiest fantasies. It involves a remote control vibrator, a train, a crowded town centre and the instruction not to cum. And then on the journey home things get even more interesting. I think you’ll like it but I’m struggling to think of a title. Any suggestions?

Either way I must leave you all and get some work done. Have a lovely Sunday whatever you’re up to.

Lexi x


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