Help needed

14 Aug

Hi guys,

Chapter 8 of Jemma’s Dilemma is now up on Literotica for you to enjoy, however, I have one small request…

Checking back over the stories I’ve posted to Literotica I noticed that whilst plenty of people take the time to vote its rare to get more than one or two comments posted. It’s the same with reviews on Amazon or Smashwords, reviews are hard to find.

I know that I’m just as bad at this as anyone else, so this week I’m going to make a real effort to comment/review more of the things I read. Not everything, that would be unrealistic, but a fair few at least.

Can I ask you to do the same?

For one week only, if you’ve read something by me or any other author, take a second to comment or review their work, it means a lot to us and best of all, by saying what you like or don’t like about a story, we can work on improving the next one and make it better for everyone.

So come on guys, help me out here 🙂

Thank you

Lexi x


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