A bank holiday quickie

27 Aug

Warning: this is not my usual type of story, this is pure, stripped down verbal porn. But sometimes that’s what you need. Enjoy…

Some days you want it slow. Teasing, emotional, caring. Some days you just want to fuck.

Today was the latter.

All I can say is thank Christ for the Internet. Within 20 minutes I’d arranged to meet someone in the local coffee shop. No names, no faces, no contact details. A completely anonymous hook up. Bliss.

It was 9am.


He was sitting in the back room. More private. Perfect.

He looked to be in his 40s and not ageing well. I felt sick imagining fucking this fat old pervert. I loved it.

He told me to lift my skirt. I did. No underwear. He told me to spread my legs. His fingers plunged inside me with no warning.

“You’re a little slut,” he said. “A dirty little slut being fingered in a coffee shop by a stranger old enough to be your father.”

I nodded. Couldn’t argue with that.

He told me to pull down my top. Then my bra. His fat fingers pinched my nipple hard. Footsteps echoed along the corridor as a waitress walked past us to the storeroom. I didn’t move.

“She saw you,” he said. “She saw you half naked with an old mans fingers jammed in your cunt and your tits on display.”

I nodded. Couldn’t argue with that either.

“What would your friends say if they saw you now?” he said. “A dirty little slut, allowing someone you’ve never met to touch you like this. I bet you’d let me fuck you over this table right now. I bet you’d like that.”

I moaned. Couldn’t help myself. This disgusting old man fucking me in the middle of the coffee shop. I wanted it.

Like I said. Some days you just want to fuck.

“On your knees slut,” he said, pulling out his old mans cock. It was thick and stubby and I could smell it from here. It smelt like sex and stale urine. It disgusted me. It excited me.

I knelt and he stood. The chairs were kicked aside. He pushed inside my mouth and I swallowed him, his girth stretching my lips wide.

He grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth. I choked as he rammed himself down my throat. He didn’t care. Just fisted my hair tighter. I was just there for the ride.

He came quickly. His age I guessed. Too much. His cum dripped from my lips onto my tits as he pulled out.

“Bend over slut,” he said. I hurried to comply. Leant over the table. He pushed two fingers inside.

“So wet,” he said, “you really are a dirty little slut. Did it turn you on sucking some strange old mans cock?”

I nodded. What else could I say.

He pumped his fingers in and out of my dripping cunt. I moaned.

“You want me to fuck you,” he said. “Such a dirty slut, you want to be fucked by an old man you met on the Internet. You don’t even know my name and you’re bent over a table begging for it. What does that make you?”

I moaned again.

“What does that make you?”

“A slut,” I moaned.

“What kind of slut?”

“A dirty, filthy, whore of a slut,” I moaned.

His thumb pushed against my arsehole. That wasn’t part of the plan. I wriggled to get away and he held my hair. His thumb pushed further inside. Two fingers in my cunt were joined by another. I felt so dirty. I felt so full.

“You like that don’t you slut?”

I nodded. I couldn’t lie. It felt good.

His fingers flexed. I moaned.

The waitress came out of the back room and yelped. I couldn’t help it. I came. I came so hard I almost passed out.

He kept his fingers jammed into me as the waitress ran off. Then he pulled them out and wiped them on my skirt. He left. I stayed.

Bent over the table, cum smeared on my tits I waited. No one came. As I left the coffee shop the waitress looked at me. She looked away.

Sometimes you just want to fuck. Thank god for the Internet.

It was 10am.


4 Responses to “A bank holiday quickie”

  1. Captain Shame August 28, 2012 at 3:39 am #

    I like it. It made me hard. It’s the first thing I’ve read of yours so I don’t yet know how it compares to other things you’ve written. I think sometimes we do need to remember the purpose of erotica. Like comedy that doesn’t make you laugh, erotica that doesn’t get you hard or wet is a little useless. I understand that sex can sometimes, often have a slow build up but I don’t need my filth to. If I want to read character development, a good narrative archI go to other types of writing.

    This made me hard so it worked. As you know I also write in a blunt staccato style and leave out many details I deem irrelevant. That said I could have done with just a tiny bit more pre-amble. A description of your clothes and how you were sitting in relation to each other. Just tuning the engine before you let it off.

    Anyway Thankyou. CS

  2. Mina Lamieux August 29, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    This was a very intense bit of erotica. A mixture of disgust and arousal. Well done. I enjoyed it.

  3. newphaedruserotica August 30, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    Wow, that was intense! And it really turned me on. But tell me this: is it realistic for a woman to do something like that? Most people I know would have politely had coffee with him and left 🙂

    • Lexi Rose August 30, 2012 at 7:57 am #

      Well.. They do say you should only write what you know 😉

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