Summertime blues

30 Aug

Hi guys,

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are but here in the south of England it looks like yet another wet and windy day.

Despite that I’m happy. My books have been selling well on Smashwords and also, as I found out yesterday, on Amazon. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, when a book sells on Smashwords you get an email to tell you you’ve sold a book. When I didn’t get any emails from Amazon I naturally assumed no one was buying any. Then one day I was fiddling around on my home page and saw a link to the sale report. Being curious I clicked it and to my delight saw that I’d actually sold loads!! Well, not loads by Fifty Shades standards, but well over my target of a few a day (I can be realistic when I want to).


I’ve decided to take reward all of you who’ve been downloading my ebooks for you kindle/kindle app by running a special two day promotion on my new collection of short stories Exposed by Desire.

For today and tomorrow only you will be able to download it for free!!

This should go live around midnight PST/9am GMT on 30 August but as it’s the first time I’ve done anything like this you may need to be a little patient, I’m not sure quite how long Amazon take to action promotion requests.

Exposed by Desire 2 US clicky

Exposed by Desire 2 UK clicky

And of course if you do download it please try to leave a review whether you loved it or hated it. It really helps me rise up the Amazon lists and get my writing more visible to more people.

Thanks guys

Lexi x


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