Writing update

31 Aug

Hi guys

I’ve finally managed to post the next chapter of Sandy’s Seduction onto literotica.

As I know you’re impatient and it takes a few days to be approved here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite.

Turning the key in the lock Sandy pushed open the door to her small flat and breathed a sigh of relief. Home.

The door clicked shut behind her, loud in the silence and she let out a small, startled squeak. The surprise encounter in the alley with the stranger from last night had shaken her up more than she’d expected. And yes, she knew she shouldn’t have been walking home alone but Rob rushing off after their date had upset her more than she was willing to admit. Walking had seemed the only way to let off steam.

Leaning back against the door she took deep calming breaths, trying to get herself under control again. If she was honest, she hadn’t been so much scared by the stranger as turned on. The same effect he’d had on her in bar, she acknowledged. There was just something about him that made her go weak at the knees when he was around, and somehow she’d known he would never intentionally hurt her. Women’s intuition perhaps. In fact he’d seemed more angry at the thought that someone else might harm her. It was nice to feel cared for, she thought regretfully. If only Rob was like that…

The harsh buzzing of the intercom system made her jump again, her heart racing as she wondered who would be calling round at this time of night. It could only be Rob!

She smiled as she tripped happily down the stairs, all thought of the stranger forgotten in the joy of seeing Rob again. Trying to wipe the grin off her face she tugged open the front door then froze.

“Oh!” she said in shock. That was all she managed to get out before the strangers mouth descended on hers, the kiss hard and punishing and oh so arousing.

Pushing her into the communal hallway he kicked the door shut behind him and she winced at the sound. The neighbours would not be pleased.

His hand snaked round the back of her head, holding her immobile as his lips continued their bruising kiss. With a moan she succumbed, all thought flying from her head as her fingers tangled in his hair and her tongue danced with his.

Pushing her back against the wall, he pressed against her and she could feel the proof of his arousal pressed hard against her stomach. Warmth pooled between her thighs and she squirmed against him, wanting to be closer, needing to touch him. He seemed to have the same idea.

His calloused hands tugged at her top, pushing it up and over her head so that her arms were pinned behind her by the sleeves. Not stopping to remove the rest of it he bent his head to her breast, sucking and teasing her nipples with his teeth through the lacy covering of her bra.


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