Help! The loonies are taking over the asylum!

3 Sep

I’m a little concerned at the way my characters are messing me around right now.

Jemma seems to be having a lot of encounters with the other girls whilst the debt collector is nowhere to be seen. What started off in my head as a simple, vaguely BDSM type master/slave story has suddenly gotten horribly complicated! And worse, I suspect the debt collector may be more into Jemma than even he realised.

Jemma’s story so far can be found here

Sandy is refusing to fall in love with Craig because she’s still pining over Rob and it doesn’t seem to matter how good the sex is, the silly girl just can’t see what’s in front of her face!

Sandy’s story so far can be found here

Brad is being a brat. He’s hiding in his room plotting how to escape his newest guardian but seems to think I’m in league with her so he’s refusing to tell me what he’s doing.

Brad’s story so far can be found here


Oh and there’s a whole bunch of dirty little short stories in my head begging to be let out! After several weeks of dreading having to write ‘filth’ because I didn’t feel remotely horny my mind seems to have gone into overdrive so keep an eye on my literotica page over the next week. You may get a pleasant surprise šŸ˜‰


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