A present. Cos I’m nice like that ;)

6 Sep

As you’ve all been so patient in waiting for my various bits and bobs to post on Literotica, and also to reward all you lovely people who downloaded my ebook last weekend I have a special treat for you.

The following story has been posted to Literotica and will show in a day or three but just for you, I’m going to post it here as well in its entirety. No teasers, no little excerpts, the whole damn lot.

Enjoy x

A late night workout

The gym was deserted at this time of night, even the staff had vanished with nothing for them to do.

He’d come down with some vague idea of improving his muscle tone but sitting on a machine yanking weights on strings was boring at best and now that the televisions and music had been switched off he was seriously considering going home.

The only noise in the place was the swoosh/clang of the weights machine and the rhythmic thumping of some other poor idiot on the running machine round the corner. Fuck it. Even sitting at home alone would be less boring than this.

Grabbing his towel he made his way to the showers, noting on his way past that the other inmate of this madhouse happened to be a rather nicely proportioned brunette, whose skimpy shorts and crop top left very little to the imagination.

He hesitated for a second before continuing towards the changing room. Even the thought of watching her tits bobbing up and down as she ran wasn’t enough to persuade him to spend time on the cardio machines and standing there ogling her would only get him a slap if he was caught. Especially with the growing bulge in his shorts.

The door to the changing room stood open and he hurried through before she could see him, dragging off his sweaty clothes and throwing them on the bench in disgust. He needed to get out more if the sight of a pair of bouncing boobies was enough to bring him to attention!

Twisting the dial on the shower he stepped under the weak spray and closed his eyes, squeezing out some shower gel and lathering up his short hair. It seemed to be taking and age to rinse and he tapped his foot impatiently then froze at the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Frantically trying to wipe soap from his eyes he squinted then rubbed his eyes again. This wasn’t happening!

Standing in front of him was the running girl. Oh god, had he walked into the women’s showers by mistake? Blinking again he struggled to think of something to say but she got there first.

“That for me?” she asked with an evil grin, looking down at his rapidly hardening cock.

Shit! That was bad. That was very bad. Dropping his hands to cover the offending member he tried to think of something non arousing but his brain refused to comply.

“Umm…” he stuttered nervously, “well.. you know…”

She didn’t give him a chance to finish his sentence, batting his hands away and staring at him with a naughty gleam in her eye.

“That’s what I thought.”

Shocked, he watched as she dropped to her knees and hungrily swallowed his cock, one hand coming up to squeeze the base of his shaft, the other lightly tugging and caressing his balls.

He groaned, he knew he should tell her to stop but her mouth was hot and tight and wet around his throbbing length. It felt so wrong but so good at the same time.

She was moaning as her head bobbed greedily up and down on his cock, the water from the shower still streaming down and soaking through her flimsy clothing, moulding it tight to her body.

Her hair was plastered to her skin as she looked up and caught his eye sucking hard as she held his gaze, water dripping down over her nose and chin. He couldn’t help but think of what she’d look like with something else dripping off that gorgeous face and she smirked as if she’d read his thoughts.

Raking her teeth almost painfully up the bottom of his shaft she rocked back on her heels before wrapping her fist around him, sucking just the tip of him back into her mouth as she pumped him with her hand.

His cock hardened even more at the direction his thoughts were taking and he put out both hands to brace himself on the slippery shower walls, his breathing heavy now as her hands and mouth continued their work.

She moaned as she felt him twitching and stiffening against her tongue and that was it, he was gone, his cock shooting sticky ropes of cum over her face and into her open mouth, her tongue darting out to catch more of it as his cock jerked uncontrollably.

She caught his eye and winked, sticking out her tongue to show him what she’d caught before swallowing it down in one gulp and licking her lips.

Kneeling there for just a second longer he took in the sight of her, soaking wet, cum dripping from her face and chin down to her breasts in their tight crop top. Then with a smirk and a quick kiss pressed onto the tip of his cock she stood and, without a word sauntered carelessly out of the changing room door.

Taking a deep, calming breath, he finished his shower and dressed in his street clothes, his mind still a little bemused at what had just happened.

As he stepped out of the changing room he heard the rhythmic sound of someone running. There she was on the machine again, looking as if nothing had happened, the only giveaway the slight dampness of her hair.

Catching his eye in the mirror she winked then turned back to her running. Her breasts bouncing enticingly with each step.

Shaking his head he walked out into the street. Perhaps he should go to the gym more often.


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