Well hello again

17 Sep

First off, apologies for my absence recently, unfortunately work took priority but I’m back now and boy have I had some fun today.

Yes, yes, I’ve been writing and this story is hot (in my opinion anyway). It has all of my favourite things, a sexy, dominant guy, handcuffs, teasing, tension and a new favourite fantasy of mine, the addition of a second woman. I blame a combination of writing Jemma’s Dilemma and a rather interesting conversation with a friend that left me all hot and bothered afterwards.

I never thought I had any interest in women before that conversation and I certainly don’t have any experience so any errors in the final story are most definitely mine. I anticipate the story being finished either late tonight or early tomorrow morning, but for now, here’s a tiny teaser to get you all worked up for what’s to come…

Enjoy 🙂

And, as always, I welcome any comments, criticisms or suggestions.


Standing on the unfamiliar train platform, Sarah looked around nervously. She wasn’t sure what worried her more, that he wouldn’t be here and her trip would be wasted, or that he was here, waiting for her now, watching.

Had he seen her already? The platform was emptying rapidly as people pushed their way through the ticket barriers and the wind from the departing train whipped her long dark hair around her face as she pulled out her phone. No going back now.

Sending a quick text to ask where he was, she turned, shoving her phone back into her bag as she scanned the passengers on the opposite platform. What if he’d taken one look at her and decided he’d made a mistake? She hadn’t wanted to look like she’d made too much effort so she was just wearing the minimum of make up, mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss. She’d umm’d and ahh’d over clothing before deciding to go for something pretty but casual, a shortish, flowery dress with leggings and ballet pumps, luckily the weather was still warm enough to get away without wearing a jacket.

A train pulled into the opposite platform, carrying off the rest of the passengers and she sighed in disappointment. Her phone remained resolutely silent. He wasn’t coming.

Crumpling her ticket in her hand she made her way down the stairs to the tunnel linking the two platforms. Oh well, plenty more fish and all that rubbish.

A train rumbled into the station above and the lights flickered slightly, making the dark dinginess of the tunnel seem even more depressing. The passengers from the arriving train pushed down the stairs in front of her and she stood by to let them pass, checking her phone one more time, just in case she’d missed something but there was nothing. Taking a deep breath she dropped her phone back in her bag, the crush of people easing now as the tunnel cleared. Maybe he hadn’t got her text. Should she call him, or would that make her seem desperate?

She was still trying to make up her mind when she felt a hard, male body press against her from behind and a voice spoke softly in her ear.

“Hi,” he whispered, “sorry I’m late.”

Smiling, she turned and looked up at him. He was exactly like his pictures, short brown hair, blue eyes and the naughtiest of grins, although she could see he was trying (and failing) to look apologetic.

“I thought you weren’t coming,” she said breathlessly, then mentally kicked herself. Great opening line Sarah, just great. “I mean, you didn’t answer my text or anything so…”

“Shh,” he murmured, reaching out to take her hand in his. She held her breath, her gaze drawn to his mouth. They were so close they were almost touching. Would he kiss her? Unconsciously she began to lean forward, tipping her head up and closing her eyes as his lips descended.

The first touch was gentle, almost tentative, as if he wasn’t quite certain of her reaction. She liked that, like that he wasn’t presuming anything despite their earlier conversations and she stepped closer, his hand still holding hers between their bodies. Tilting her head she kissed him back, lips touching then withdrawing, teasing him. His free hand came up to wind through her hair, holding her still so that he could kiss her properly, nipping lightly at her lower lip before he pulled away, her breathing slightly unsteady as she stared up at him expectantly.

The sudden click of something cold and hard fastening around her right wrist made her look down sharply and step back as it was followed by a similar sensation around her left wrist. Raising her arms bemusedly she stared down at the handcuffs he’d bound her with, looking at him questioningly.

“Do you want me to take them off?” he asked, his tone carefully emotionless as he waited for her reply. Sarah knew she should be scared, she should be utterly freaked and demanding he take them off now. Then she should get straight on that train home and forget this ever happened. But something stopped her.

Curiously she tugged at the cuffs, testing them. They were tight, tight enough that she wouldn’t be able to escape without the key he was currently dangling on a chain from his index finger, but she could still twist her hands within them.

The cold steel felt heavy against her skin and she felt a shiver of excitement snake up her spine as she imagined what it would feel like to be completely helpless, a slave to his will, unable to stop him doing whatever he desired with her.

Her nipples tightening involuntarily at the thought of being tied to his bed, his hands roaming over her body, bringing her to orgasm over and over with no way for her to stop him. Damn it! Fifty Shades had a lot to answer for!


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