Today is a good day!

19 Sep

Wow! I decided that after the success of my first ever free book promo on Amazon I would run another. It went active at 9am this morning and as I type (10:46am), downloads are already in the three figure mark!

This makes me happy 🙂

If you haven’t already downloaded a copy, here’s the linky:

UK: Exposed by Desire 2

US: Exposed by Desire 2

Now I know that not all of you have Kindles or iPhones or iPads and so free ebooks on Amazon are just a kick in the teeth really, why should they get something you can’t huh? So I started playing around on Smashwords looking for a way to reward all of you guys who read my blog and follow my Twitter, my ‘fans’ as it were, and I found something great!

Smashwords, if you’ve never used it, is a site where you can buy ebooks in a variety of formats for different ereaders, kindles, nooks, you can even download PDFs to read on your computer or print out if you struggle reading on screen. It really is a fanatastic site. But what I found makes it even better (apologies for my excitement, I’m easily pleased).

On Smashwords, you can generate vouchers! Yup, that’s right, I can give you a code that you can type in when you purchase to give you lots of yummy discounts.


Just for you lovely lot, I’ve created two coupons for my two other collections of short stories. Now, not only will you be able to download in any format, but you’ll also be getting something that you can’t get on Amazon.

For a whole month, that’s right, until the 19th of October, you can use the following codes:

VD54T will get you almost 70% off the list price of Bound by Lust making it just $0.99/£0.77!

And even better still….

XG75L will get you 100% off the list price of Exposed by Desire 1

That’s right guys, that last one is ABSOLUTELY FREE for a month.

So please, take a look, read, enjoy, and if you want to make my day how about leaving a review. Maybe I’ll even have a treat waiting for you if you do 😉

Lexi x


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