Sinful Desires

30 Sep

You may recall last week I was particularly excited about a new story I’d started.

Well, it’s finished 🙂

Although when I say finished, it’s rather turned into a bit of a series, this is only the first installment with at least two more to follow.

These aren’t full length novels, but they are a lot longer than my shorter, short stories, around 9000 words each, and for today only, I have placed the first in the series – Teasing Sarah – on Smashwords using their “pay what it’s worth” option.

This means for those of you who have yet to read one of my stories (or who don’t usually use Smashwords) that you are able to download for free, or pay what you think it’s worth, anything from $0.01 upwards.

It’s available in most formats, from Kindle to PDF and everything in between, so why not take a look.

Also for the one or two of you who haven’t got my short story collection – Exposed by Desire 2 – and I know that most of you already have so apologies for the shameless plug – this is free via the Amazon Kindle store for the remainder of the day. Search for “Exposed by Desire 2” or use one of the links below.

US linky

UK linky

But enough of the promotion, what you really want to know is what happens in the new book, and why has it become a series right?

In Book One we meet Sarah and Nick. They started talking online and this is their first meeting. Sarah is understandably nervous so it’s just as well Nick is the confident type. And did I mention he’s a little kinky as well?

Sarah soon finds this out when five minutes after meeting him she finds herself handcuffed and blindfolded!

Things are going well, the sex is as amazing as he’d promised, but then Sarah hears the bedroom door opening and someone else walks in…

I’ll leave you to find the rest out for yourselves but I have to say this was one of the hottest stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing.

But why a series, I hear you cry?

Well, because I’m not quite done with Sarah and Nick just yet. And of course don’t forget the mysterious third person. They have quite an idea in the second book and decide to pay Nick back for his teasing, with Sarah’s help of course.

That’s all I’m telling you for the moment, but suffice to say I’m absolutely in love with these characters already and I hope you like them as much as I do. I shall post a teaser of the next story as soon as I’ve written it so keep an eye out, you don’t want to miss it, I promise.

As always, comments, criticism and reviews are always welcome. And if you don’t already follow me on twitter why not come along and join in the fun, you can find me at


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