Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

10 Oct

They met in the hotel bar. She in a tight black dress that clung to her curves, him still in his work gear. Smart of course, he wouldn’t have been allowed in otherwise, but nothing special, just a shirt, a tie.

She was working of course, she was always working, the hotel was just one of the perks of the job. He was there for her.

He sat at the bar, drink in hand, and watched as she bent over towards the barman to make her order.

He saw the guys eyes widen as his gaze dropped down to her cleavage before she stood again, waiting.

The barman rushed off to make her a drink, waving away her money with a wink. He already hated that guy. Jealousy was a bitch.

Tonight she was a bitch as well, barely glancing his way as she downed her drink in one and sauntered past him to the exit, hips swaying seductively.

It took him a good second or two to notice the room key she’d dropped in his lap. Room 216, second floor.

Leaving his drink untouched, he made his leisurely way to the lift. Didn’t pay to look too keen for the ladies. No one likes a pushover.

The lift door slid open as he approached and there she was, waiting. A hand on one hip and a mocking look in her eye. She’d known he’d come after her.

The second floor button was already lit as he stepped into the cage. Wary now like Daniel amongst the lions. There was only one of her, mind, but the look in her eyes told him she’d eat him whole given the chance.

He didn’t give her the chance.

Before the doors had even closed he had her pressed up against the wall, hands pinned above her head, legs wrapped round his waist. If he let her go she’d have her claws in his back and her mouth wrapped round his cock in seconds.

It was not a risk he was prepared to take tonight.

Her mouth devoured his as the lift rose to its destination, her lips clinging to his like a starving man with his first meal. It had been almost half a year and she was hungry. Hungry for him.

Her arms snaked around his neck as they exited the lift, her legs still wound around his waist.

The hotel room was empty, generic, same as every hotel room the world over despite its inflated prices.

The zip of her dress he undid as he walked, flinging her off him and onto the bed, the dress still held tightly in his hands. It tore, of course it did, but that wasn’t important.

Splayed on the bed, naked but for heels and stockings, the temptress looked up at him with an amused gleam in her eye. Waiting.

With a snort of impatience, he ripped off his tie. The shirt he pulled over his head, not bothering with the buttons. His trousers fell where they lay and were kicked to one side with his shoes. This was no time for slow and tender.

She dug her talons into his shoulders and he peeled them off, holding her hands above her head as he entered her without finesse. The waiting was over.

Her eyes widened as he buried himself in her and paused, looking deep into her eyes. Asking questions he can’t speak for fear of the answer.

Is she still his?

A shiver runs through him as she holds his gaze and whispers softly.


They rut like animals, hard and fast and loud. Both racing to the finish line.

The time for tender is later. Now is urgent, desperate, both doing everything in their power to force the other to come first.

He whispers dirty nothing’s in her ear as he thrusts, things he’d like to do to her, memories of things they’ve already done.

She moans, whispers filthy thoughts back at him, images of her lips wrapped around his cock, fuck me, fuck me harder. She tenses her internal muscles, squeezing and releasing him until he groans.

In response he changes the angle, pushing her knees up against his chest, her ankles draped over his shoulders in that position he knows she likes best.

Well best for now at least. Given that he’s stronger than her and she can’t roll on top.

He thrusts, she purrs, he groans she bites. In the end both are the victor, or neither, her orgasm triggering his as he pumps her full of cum.

Sated, temporarily, they lay entwined on the cover. Before lust takes over and they begin again. Slower this time, after all, they have all night.


One Response to “Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder”

  1. Mina Lamieux October 11, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    hot hot hot!

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