14 Apr

Now I have to say, when it comes to mirrors I’m not your typical woman.

I don’t really have mirrors in my house. I have one attached to my wardrobe, I had no choice, but I avoid looking in it. Reason being, I think it makes me look fat, same with changing room mirrors, when I see a photo of myself I’m always shocked by how much slimmer I look!

I have a mirror to put on make up, but I usually concentrate on my eyes, how steady is my liner, how even is the shadow, that kind of thing. And bear in mind I probably wear make up two to three times a year… That gives you an idea of how often I look in a mirror.

So imagine my shock when I took a full view of my face at a beauty counter this week.

I mean, I have an idea of what I look like, I know where everything is positioned, I know the vague shape of things, what I hadn’t expected was the sudden appearance of lines!

In my head I’m still working from that image of me at 15. To see wrinkles and lines was a bit of a shock. But still, when I pass a mirror in a pub, I think I look okay.

So this beauty assistant gives me the full makeover, foundation, concealer, blusher, mascara, aiming for the natural look. It takes almost an hour.

Afterwards, I go out, I walk down the street, I catch a glimpse of myself in a window and I can’t believe it!

I go to the nearest pub and examine myself.

I look old!

With all this makeup on I look my age, if not older. It’s like having my mother staring back at me.

In distress I grab a handful of wipes and scrub the excess from my face. Okay, so I’m not perfect, I have red cheeks and combi skin, I still (at 29) get the occasional spot. I have darker patches around my eyes from where I’ve worn glasses in the sun for 15 odd years.

But still, I look younger without makeup.

And in my mind, I’m not old enough to need that heavy makeup yet unless I’m playing dress up!

So many people hide their skins natural beauty beneath a layer of foundation and powder in their teens and their twenties and I just want to scream at them!

The odd spot isn’t the end of the world, your skin colour being slightly uneven isn’t life threatening. Why hide your natural beauty beneath a thick layer of ‘natural’ makeup?!

Chuck on a bit of mascara and some shadow if you need to but that’s it. The boys won’t notice your imperfections, and if the girls comment on them then you need to consider if they’re really your friends.

Make the most of being young, because one day you’ll look in the mirror and spot those wrinkles and realise that at almost 30 you’re supposed to be an adult. And that’s no fun at all!


One Response to “Mirrors”

  1. newphaedrus April 14, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    So good to hear a woman recognise that beauty is not always enhanced by make-up and natural beauty is something to be cherished. The odd line here and there can also lend character and strength to a face.
    Sexy is, after all, more a state of mind than anything else.

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