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It seems I have the writing bug again :)

26 May

That’s right, for whatever reason I’ve started to write again. As we speak, I’ve just submitted Chapter 10 of Sandy to Literotica and have a pretty clear idea of what’s happening in Chapters 11 & 12.

I’m also starting to piece together the story that goes with my earlier post ‘fragments’.

So whilst I’m not promising anything just yet, I’m hoping to jump back into some of my other unfinished series and see where they end up too.

It’s quite exciting (for me at least) 😉


Sinful Desires

30 Sep

You may recall last week I was particularly excited about a new story I’d started.

Well, it’s finished 🙂

Although when I say finished, it’s rather turned into a bit of a series, this is only the first installment with at least two more to follow.

These aren’t full length novels, but they are a lot longer than my shorter, short stories, around 9000 words each, and for today only, I have placed the first in the series – Teasing Sarah – on Smashwords using their “pay what it’s worth” option.

This means for those of you who have yet to read one of my stories (or who don’t usually use Smashwords) that you are able to download for free, or pay what you think it’s worth, anything from $0.01 upwards.

It’s available in most formats, from Kindle to PDF and everything in between, so why not take a look.

Also for the one or two of you who haven’t got my short story collection – Exposed by Desire 2 – and I know that most of you already have so apologies for the shameless plug – this is free via the Amazon Kindle store for the remainder of the day. Search for “Exposed by Desire 2” or use one of the links below.

US linky

UK linky

But enough of the promotion, what you really want to know is what happens in the new book, and why has it become a series right?

In Book One we meet Sarah and Nick. They started talking online and this is their first meeting. Sarah is understandably nervous so it’s just as well Nick is the confident type. And did I mention he’s a little kinky as well?

Sarah soon finds this out when five minutes after meeting him she finds herself handcuffed and blindfolded!

Things are going well, the sex is as amazing as he’d promised, but then Sarah hears the bedroom door opening and someone else walks in…

I’ll leave you to find the rest out for yourselves but I have to say this was one of the hottest stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing.

But why a series, I hear you cry?

Well, because I’m not quite done with Sarah and Nick just yet. And of course don’t forget the mysterious third person. They have quite an idea in the second book and decide to pay Nick back for his teasing, with Sarah’s help of course.

That’s all I’m telling you for the moment, but suffice to say I’m absolutely in love with these characters already and I hope you like them as much as I do. I shall post a teaser of the next story as soon as I’ve written it so keep an eye out, you don’t want to miss it, I promise.

As always, comments, criticism and reviews are always welcome. And if you don’t already follow me on twitter why not come along and join in the fun, you can find me at

Well hello again

17 Sep

First off, apologies for my absence recently, unfortunately work took priority but I’m back now and boy have I had some fun today.

Yes, yes, I’ve been writing and this story is hot (in my opinion anyway). It has all of my favourite things, a sexy, dominant guy, handcuffs, teasing, tension and a new favourite fantasy of mine, the addition of a second woman. I blame a combination of writing Jemma’s Dilemma and a rather interesting conversation with a friend that left me all hot and bothered afterwards.

I never thought I had any interest in women before that conversation and I certainly don’t have any experience so any errors in the final story are most definitely mine. I anticipate the story being finished either late tonight or early tomorrow morning, but for now, here’s a tiny teaser to get you all worked up for what’s to come…

Enjoy 🙂

And, as always, I welcome any comments, criticisms or suggestions.


Standing on the unfamiliar train platform, Sarah looked around nervously. She wasn’t sure what worried her more, that he wouldn’t be here and her trip would be wasted, or that he was here, waiting for her now, watching.

Had he seen her already? The platform was emptying rapidly as people pushed their way through the ticket barriers and the wind from the departing train whipped her long dark hair around her face as she pulled out her phone. No going back now.

Sending a quick text to ask where he was, she turned, shoving her phone back into her bag as she scanned the passengers on the opposite platform. What if he’d taken one look at her and decided he’d made a mistake? She hadn’t wanted to look like she’d made too much effort so she was just wearing the minimum of make up, mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss. She’d umm’d and ahh’d over clothing before deciding to go for something pretty but casual, a shortish, flowery dress with leggings and ballet pumps, luckily the weather was still warm enough to get away without wearing a jacket.

A train pulled into the opposite platform, carrying off the rest of the passengers and she sighed in disappointment. Her phone remained resolutely silent. He wasn’t coming.

Crumpling her ticket in her hand she made her way down the stairs to the tunnel linking the two platforms. Oh well, plenty more fish and all that rubbish.

A train rumbled into the station above and the lights flickered slightly, making the dark dinginess of the tunnel seem even more depressing. The passengers from the arriving train pushed down the stairs in front of her and she stood by to let them pass, checking her phone one more time, just in case she’d missed something but there was nothing. Taking a deep breath she dropped her phone back in her bag, the crush of people easing now as the tunnel cleared. Maybe he hadn’t got her text. Should she call him, or would that make her seem desperate?

She was still trying to make up her mind when she felt a hard, male body press against her from behind and a voice spoke softly in her ear.

“Hi,” he whispered, “sorry I’m late.”

Smiling, she turned and looked up at him. He was exactly like his pictures, short brown hair, blue eyes and the naughtiest of grins, although she could see he was trying (and failing) to look apologetic.

“I thought you weren’t coming,” she said breathlessly, then mentally kicked herself. Great opening line Sarah, just great. “I mean, you didn’t answer my text or anything so…”

“Shh,” he murmured, reaching out to take her hand in his. She held her breath, her gaze drawn to his mouth. They were so close they were almost touching. Would he kiss her? Unconsciously she began to lean forward, tipping her head up and closing her eyes as his lips descended.

The first touch was gentle, almost tentative, as if he wasn’t quite certain of her reaction. She liked that, like that he wasn’t presuming anything despite their earlier conversations and she stepped closer, his hand still holding hers between their bodies. Tilting her head she kissed him back, lips touching then withdrawing, teasing him. His free hand came up to wind through her hair, holding her still so that he could kiss her properly, nipping lightly at her lower lip before he pulled away, her breathing slightly unsteady as she stared up at him expectantly.

The sudden click of something cold and hard fastening around her right wrist made her look down sharply and step back as it was followed by a similar sensation around her left wrist. Raising her arms bemusedly she stared down at the handcuffs he’d bound her with, looking at him questioningly.

“Do you want me to take them off?” he asked, his tone carefully emotionless as he waited for her reply. Sarah knew she should be scared, she should be utterly freaked and demanding he take them off now. Then she should get straight on that train home and forget this ever happened. But something stopped her.

Curiously she tugged at the cuffs, testing them. They were tight, tight enough that she wouldn’t be able to escape without the key he was currently dangling on a chain from his index finger, but she could still twist her hands within them.

The cold steel felt heavy against her skin and she felt a shiver of excitement snake up her spine as she imagined what it would feel like to be completely helpless, a slave to his will, unable to stop him doing whatever he desired with her.

Her nipples tightening involuntarily at the thought of being tied to his bed, his hands roaming over her body, bringing her to orgasm over and over with no way for her to stop him. Damn it! Fifty Shades had a lot to answer for!

My first lesbian sex scene. Eek!

5 Sep

As you may have guessed from my previous posts, my characters are not behaving themselves as they should!

Jemma, a rather innocent, naive young lady who previously had only ever slept with one man, appears to have developed rather a fondness for the female form. Although in prior chapters this has always been forced rather reluctantly onto her, in the latest chapter she seems to have decided to take matters into her own hands and return the favour to the young girl who gave her her first lesbian encounter in the bath.

This is the first time I’ve written any kind of consensual girl on girl action and I have to say I’m not entirely happy with it. Jemma doesn’t seem to be half as shocked or worried about getting it on with another girl for the first time as I was, where’s the nervousness? Where’s the self doubt? It appears she has none. In fact, I suspect she’s been wanting to give this a go ever since the other girl first touched her!

Either way, the chapter has now been submitted to literotica and should show in a few days. In the meantime, here’s a little sample of what happens when Jemma wakes up in bed with another girl. Enjoy…

Jemma woke to the familiar feel of a warm body wrapped around her. Sighing happily she wriggled closer, still half asleep. Soft arms wound around her waist, delicate fingers stroking gently over the exposed skin of her stomach and up to caress the underside of her breast. Jemma could feel her nipples tightening beneath the sheet and wondered absent-mindedly how it was that this girl, who she’d only met a day or two ago, could know so instinctively how to arouse her body when Kyle didn’t.

The girls clever hands roamed over her body and Jemma gave up the pretence of sleep. She knew this was wrong but it felt too good. Rolling over in the bed, she tentatively reached out her hand to touch the other girl, marvelling at the way her nipples shrunk and hardened beneath Jemma’s questing fingers.

The girls breasts felt strange in her hands, heavy yet delicate, the skin smooth and soft and warm. Gently she lifted, squeezed, tugged, watching the girls face to gauge whether she was enjoying it. Taking a deep breath, Jemma lowered her head, her tongue darting out to lick around the dark brown aureole, smiling as she heard a small moan escape from the girls mouth.

Sucking the whole nipple into her mouth, she rolled it in her teeth, the unfamiliar hard button pressing eagerly against her tongue as the girl arched her back in pleasure. Dampness flooded between her thighs as she sucked and nibbled at the other girls breasts, pushing her flat on the bed in order to pay attention to both equally.

Curiously she reached down with one hand, fingers delving beneath the sheets to slide over the girls hairless mound. Her pussy felt soft and plump and smooth, the lips parting at the insistence of Jemma’s inquisitive hands to reveal hot, slippery dampness.

As if she were touching herself, Jemma stroked down over the girls wet slit, collecting her juices then bringing them up to circle around her sensitive clit. It was strange to touch another girl so intimately, to see her writhing and responding in the same way that Jemma did herself and she felt a strange sense of pride. With Kyle she had always felt so unsure, but here, with this girl, she knew exactly what to do, exactly where and how and how hard to press to give her pleasure.

Sitting up, she stared down at the girl. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open, her small white teeth biting her bottom lip as Jemma’s fingers swirled teasingly, causing her to emit small strangled moans as she wriggled and gasped.

Tugging down the bed covers Jemma looked for the first time at another womans pussy, the smooth hairless mound glistening with her juices, the lips slightly separated. It felt wrong to be staring at another girl like this but at the same time so arousing. The scent of the girls juices drifted up, musky and inviting. Did she dare taste her?

Help! The loonies are taking over the asylum!

3 Sep

I’m a little concerned at the way my characters are messing me around right now.

Jemma seems to be having a lot of encounters with the other girls whilst the debt collector is nowhere to be seen. What started off in my head as a simple, vaguely BDSM type master/slave story has suddenly gotten horribly complicated! And worse, I suspect the debt collector may be more into Jemma than even he realised.

Jemma’s story so far can be found here

Sandy is refusing to fall in love with Craig because she’s still pining over Rob and it doesn’t seem to matter how good the sex is, the silly girl just can’t see what’s in front of her face!

Sandy’s story so far can be found here

Brad is being a brat. He’s hiding in his room plotting how to escape his newest guardian but seems to think I’m in league with her so he’s refusing to tell me what he’s doing.

Brad’s story so far can be found here


Oh and there’s a whole bunch of dirty little short stories in my head begging to be let out! After several weeks of dreading having to write ‘filth’ because I didn’t feel remotely horny my mind seems to have gone into overdrive so keep an eye on my literotica page over the next week. You may get a pleasant surprise 😉

Writing update

31 Aug

Hi guys

I’ve finally managed to post the next chapter of Sandy’s Seduction onto literotica.

As I know you’re impatient and it takes a few days to be approved here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite.

Turning the key in the lock Sandy pushed open the door to her small flat and breathed a sigh of relief. Home.

The door clicked shut behind her, loud in the silence and she let out a small, startled squeak. The surprise encounter in the alley with the stranger from last night had shaken her up more than she’d expected. And yes, she knew she shouldn’t have been walking home alone but Rob rushing off after their date had upset her more than she was willing to admit. Walking had seemed the only way to let off steam.

Leaning back against the door she took deep calming breaths, trying to get herself under control again. If she was honest, she hadn’t been so much scared by the stranger as turned on. The same effect he’d had on her in bar, she acknowledged. There was just something about him that made her go weak at the knees when he was around, and somehow she’d known he would never intentionally hurt her. Women’s intuition perhaps. In fact he’d seemed more angry at the thought that someone else might harm her. It was nice to feel cared for, she thought regretfully. If only Rob was like that…

The harsh buzzing of the intercom system made her jump again, her heart racing as she wondered who would be calling round at this time of night. It could only be Rob!

She smiled as she tripped happily down the stairs, all thought of the stranger forgotten in the joy of seeing Rob again. Trying to wipe the grin off her face she tugged open the front door then froze.

“Oh!” she said in shock. That was all she managed to get out before the strangers mouth descended on hers, the kiss hard and punishing and oh so arousing.

Pushing her into the communal hallway he kicked the door shut behind him and she winced at the sound. The neighbours would not be pleased.

His hand snaked round the back of her head, holding her immobile as his lips continued their bruising kiss. With a moan she succumbed, all thought flying from her head as her fingers tangled in his hair and her tongue danced with his.

Pushing her back against the wall, he pressed against her and she could feel the proof of his arousal pressed hard against her stomach. Warmth pooled between her thighs and she squirmed against him, wanting to be closer, needing to touch him. He seemed to have the same idea.

His calloused hands tugged at her top, pushing it up and over her head so that her arms were pinned behind her by the sleeves. Not stopping to remove the rest of it he bent his head to her breast, sucking and teasing her nipples with his teeth through the lacy covering of her bra.

Summertime blues

30 Aug

Hi guys,

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are but here in the south of England it looks like yet another wet and windy day.

Despite that I’m happy. My books have been selling well on Smashwords and also, as I found out yesterday, on Amazon. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, when a book sells on Smashwords you get an email to tell you you’ve sold a book. When I didn’t get any emails from Amazon I naturally assumed no one was buying any. Then one day I was fiddling around on my home page and saw a link to the sale report. Being curious I clicked it and to my delight saw that I’d actually sold loads!! Well, not loads by Fifty Shades standards, but well over my target of a few a day (I can be realistic when I want to).


I’ve decided to take reward all of you who’ve been downloading my ebooks for you kindle/kindle app by running a special two day promotion on my new collection of short stories Exposed by Desire.

For today and tomorrow only you will be able to download it for free!!

This should go live around midnight PST/9am GMT on 30 August but as it’s the first time I’ve done anything like this you may need to be a little patient, I’m not sure quite how long Amazon take to action promotion requests.

Exposed by Desire 2 US clicky

Exposed by Desire 2 UK clicky

And of course if you do download it please try to leave a review whether you loved it or hated it. It really helps me rise up the Amazon lists and get my writing more visible to more people.

Thanks guys

Lexi x